How relevant are Press release today

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    How relevant are Press release today

    Writing articles on your social media page and that update on your LinkedIn can reach and inform a lot of people about the bit of information you want to share. So passing information on a platform that has some form of traffic and the right audience is a form of press release. Distribution of information in the digtal age has soared 80% more than in the 80’s this means more for the communicator in this age.

    So if you ask about the relevance of communicating information that can make it to the publishing roaster, then think of social media and press release portals than have leverage on the social media technology. Facebook posts and twits gets included in main stream media issues, that is proof that information that is shared the right way can be of benefit to the communicator.

    If relevance is the question, then technology has made communication more relevant than it has ever been. Here are ways to ensure your communication is more relevant now and in the near 5th generation age.

    Use the Right Channel

    The answer is the platforms used to share those stories are different, while some people just type on their wall, others link stories from different sources and increase the visibility of the post or information. Having a thorough understanding of how publishing platforms work can be an advantage to the person distributing the article (press release). If you need to get the attention of news agencies and have your company name pop up in a news article, then get on social media and contribute to trending topics.

    Professional (corporate) press release are better posted on press release platforms and the link shared on social media platforms or any other traffic generation lead sites that can improve visibility. Using the right channel can increase credibility of your story as well as the opportunity for you to audit response.

    Writing the right way

    Fascinating and educative information must be the marble of a great press release. Press release creators must always be able to write stories that are catchy and not pressed with too many informations about the client or product. Consumers like topics that are relative, hence catchy lines and persuasive introduction helps with the pitch.

    Most people have an emotional connection with words, something that can be costly these days. Writing a press release should be clearly distinctive. It mist be professionally constructed with the right information.

    Understanding your audience

    If you are writing about a beauty product that has just been lauched by a million dollar corporation planning to grab a handful of consumers. It might be the right time for you to research about the beauty space. Getting as much information as possible before writing would enable you to craft a masterpiece.

    So never understimate the power of knowing your audience.  If you prepare well, you would deliver well and the story would be received and probably lead to a lot of shares and likes and eventually sales.

    Boosting traffic to your stories

    Technology brought back the swag, faxing papers and dropping a load of telegrams would have been been a disaster in this age. With a click of a button, we all can distribute great content that can be accessible at an instant. So choosing the platform that has premium traffic boosting capabilities does wonders. So press release platforms that offer premuium reach increases your chances of getting your story the right traffic and insuring a better reach. Social media platforms also form a way to boost the stories, some platform have automatic distribution on social media which helps you with re-sharing and boosting your content everywhere.

    So press release are everywhere and in every form, the moment you script a peice of information, you are also distributing a story that might be eligible for inclusion in the news or main stream media.

    Metros Press is a press release distribution platform that helps clients increase their online visibility and web presence.

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